Nigeria MDGs Post 2015 Deliberation on Education Indicators

Nigeria’s Effort to achieve the MDGs  have yielded unprecedented progress: we know that aggregate reductions in household poverty, rapid reduction in child death rates, more children in school than ever before, and rising access to clean drinking water illustrate that ambitious and measurable goals can have an impact. The impact on education has been substantial.upload for blog
During the last Presidential Summit on MDGs, the Nigeria Government made extra commitments and deliberations to strengthen access to Education even after the 2015 deadline. a parallel session was organized by the North Central States to discuss the milestones and challenges.
we have made great progress, yes we have made great progress. It is important to note that  addressing the emerging priorities Without a strong education system may not work because without an absolute achievement of Universal Basic Education, many of the structural deficiencies and inequalities will persist, hindering the realization of the post-2015 agenda. In addition, current global trends, including population growth, the ‘youth bulge’,consequences of climate change and other environmental threats, and shifting inequalities make attention to the equitable provision of quality education ever more relevant and urgent for all countries, developed and developing alike,in a globalized, interconnected world.
Our Focus this time is to encourage other African countries to emulate Nigeria’s Effort and Commitment.
we also applaud MDGs Nigeria and urge them to do more as the stake is still very high.
Call for Submission

Call for Submission of Videos on OUT OF SCHOOL CHILDREN

This is a Global call to every lover of films living or has lived in Africa, a call to use Videos and photos to tell us stories of out of school children around your community, children you see around your streets during school hours.
Our interests are
Why are they out of school?
And what do we do as sensible Humans to help them at least achieve their primary Education.
1. Support Basic Education for every Child

2. Encourage Global Classroom Model
Global Classrooms is an innovative educational program that engages middle school and high school students in an exploration of current world issues through interactive simulations and curricular materials. Global Classrooms cultivates literacy, life skills and the attitudes necessary for active citizenship. SHOW US HOW IT WILL MAKE EDUCATION MORE INTERESTING IN NIGERIA

Call for Submission

Call for Submission

Global Model UN Standard
Target raising awareness and creating positive change
Interested in accurate NEEDS assessments
Documentaries, Drama, Reality Programs
10 Minutes

Closing Date: 1st Nov 2014.

Winning stories will be developed more and premiered worldwide, all fund raised will be assigned for the producers to support out of school children in their locality
You can make your videos with your phones or big cameras. We want the story true, new and interesting

For Collaboration: +234 803 884 3041


Photojournalism/Data Collection In Nigeria

My story of Photo Journalism is not something I can under emphasize, no never, but twinkles were the morning stars when viewed from a resting sea…the early morning sea of the south south zone of Nigeria.

IMG_0987 During my first experience, we sailed to Brass, a terrain I have never experienced in my entire life, scary sea foods i ate and off my passion for professional photography drove me. With a Senior Technical Assistant OSSAP-MDGs and other state PSU, I knew I was in good hands but once again, they are indigenous Bayelsa people that understands the Terrains better than I do,

Another day was just about sailings also and for three weeks we sailed until I became a better sailor, I started eating sharks also…I ate sharks because I conquered the sea just to shoot MDGs-CGS Success story.

The Niger Delta Region would be experiencing many gracious developments if not for the challenges of their aquatic terrains.

I visited the most remote villages and recorded success stories of MDGs Solar Boreholes and PHCs

I called TD

The Value of data I collected was enormous, and I was happy for the government.

I am not happy this time because I was paid to exercise my most lucrative profession, no never! i was happy because i saw awesome government interventions positively affecting the lives of community people.

I had the opportunity to directly interact with school children who enters speed boat everyday to and from school, i interacted with Nursing mothers and played with their children.


The MDGs-CGS success story was a success, yes it was.

i have been going on field trips

i have been shooting documentaries,

i have eaten different species of fishes

but i have not had the kind of job satisfaction like i had during the shoots of  OSSAP-MDGs Success Story.

We are experienced in Data Collection for NEED Assessments, Impact Assessments and M &E. we present our data in formats that can never be contended. we are the origins of VISUAL DATA.

For data collection Inquiries,

call George on +234-803-883-3041+234-803-883-3041

Ugwuja George

Health in the Post-2015 developmen​t agenda-Con​sultation report

The post 2015 Agenda observed the participation of young people in issues regarding sexual
reproductive health, education for girls, youth being disproportionately affected etc.

Back to School Film Campaign is following up with the Agenda and on that regard, we are seeking more collaborations from both local and international organizations working on health related projects to provide Video updates on HIV AIDS, TB, Poor Nutrition etc. this will help the world make better decisions and determine the most pressing needs of the poor African families.

Our Video Advocacy campaigns on this note will reflect reports on

   specific health-related targets

·         Take a holistic, life-course approach to people’s health with an
emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention;

·         Accelerate progress where MDG targets have not been achieved and
motivate more ambitious targets for the period to come;

·         Address the growing burden of  mental illness, and other
emerging health challenges.
As usual, our reports will be Updating the United Nations Task Teams, Government Agencies, Civil Society organizations, Individual philanthropists on the actual conditions of the ordinary African people.

Back to School Film Campaign CrewWe appreciate collaborations we received so far from both local and international organizations and also appreciate the recognition of our Video Advocacy Efforts in the Consultation reports on Universal Primary Education and Gender Equality.

To contact our Documentary crew, simply call George on +2348038843041

Like our Facebook page to follow-up with our Video Advocacy projects across Africa.  www.facebook.com/backtoschoolfilmcampaign

To read more of the 2015 Development Agenda, visit the link below.


Thank You

Ugwuja George Odinakachi

Founder-Back to School Film Campaign

Documentary of Lessons from the MDGs;for post 2015 AGENDA

The greatest documentary film  on UN MDGs

As a Video advocacy group with outstanding knowledge of the trending dynamism of United Nations Millennium Development Goals; we have in the past established collaborations from both local and international organizations working on the accomplishment of UN MDGs. We call for submissions of footages and interviews with NGO Executives, Community Development experts, Government agencies working on MDGs, Senate Committees and MDG ambassadors, we are compiling a documentary film that will review the experience of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), analyses Socioeconomic and geopolitical trends that have changed the world since their inception in 2001, and draws implications for the post-2015 development agenda.

This Documentary film will be sent to the UN SYSTEM TASK TEAM FOR THE POST 2015 UN DEVELOPMENT AGENDA. It will also be premiered in both local and international general assembly of UN and NGOs working on the post 2015 development Agenda.

In addition to its influence in decision making, we tend to compile our visual data and create a better picture of the progresses of individuals, governments and organizations towards the goals and the challenges ahead.


We call upon Individuals, Philanthropists, Organizations, Government agencies working on MDGs to book for interviews with our Documentary crews. We expect to also collect Video and Photos of your past Community Development events or programs that reflected on the MDGs


We are seeking for funding and donation of Production Equipments such as

RED Epic Camera


Arri Lights

Kino Flos

H4N Zoom recorders

Lapel Mic

Vehicles for Crew

For further enquiries

Email: support@unmdgcampaign.tk


Using Documentaries/Films to promote Organizations

We are always happy to announce our services to our numerous readers worldwide. out of our research and analysis, we have added a special service to the list of our oustanding efforts for partnerships and collaborative relationships in Nigeria and Africa.

Back to School Film Campaign in collaboration with  Georgeostories  are creating Documentaries, Films, Teachings of organizations, Companies, Ministries etc, focusing on the missions and visions of such organizations and distributing these videos through Youtube, Websites, Televisions, Cinemas etc

The essence of this program is to create maximum awarness, raise bussiness clients, increase donors and educating the public. we do not underestimate the use of Digital Media for publicity and education

Our expected Clients






Government Agencies


If you want to drive your Organization to a greater height, then you must consider our Digital Media Publicity.

For more Enquiries  +234-803-884-304-1